Welcome to Simply Books!

Simply Books is a creative hobby-blog that chats about everything related to books, reading and more.

Leila Goreil is the writer and creator of Simply Books and can’t wait to share her love of reading with you.

After seeing many others launch blogs and share their love of books, Leila, of course, wanted to put in her two-cents.

Working full-time as a Website Coordinator for a Canadian footwear retailer, she thought her professional skills as a web-based designer and her love of books, paired well in a blog.

Leila lives in a blossoming Ontario harbor-front town just north of Toronto where she also works and plays. 

When she is not reading (or working), she is catching up with friends and family, enjoying the local farmer’s market, trying a new restaurant or binging on Netflix shows with her cat, Willow.

Although the Book-Tube community and Goodreads connections create a great platform and conversation about books, Leila wanted to create her own little space to share reviews, book-events and more that peak her interest.

Leila enjoys reading adult fiction, historical fiction, contemporary (chick-lit) and YA genres. 

Join Leila as she reads, reviews, rants and raves about everything book-related.
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