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Simply Books is a hobby-blog about reading, books and more, written and created by Leila Goreil. 
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All blog posts are written by me (Leila Goreil) under the blog name, Simply Books. The views expressed, comments and ideas are my own and should in no way be considered shared association with the books or topics being discussed.

Simply Books, written and created by Leila Goreil follows the below policies:
  • All books read and reviewed have been paid for by me, unless stipulated in the blog post
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  • Simply Books will provide honest and unique reviews of books and more
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You are welcome to link to this blog, discuss the contents and share materials in a respectful manner. If you do quote or link to Simply Books, please include the blog name and the blog link: https://simplybooksblog.blogspot.ca/

As mentioned above, Simply Books is a hobby-blog and therefore does not act as a form of income. 
This blog at this time is used as a creative outlet and book-based discussion platform. 

Any images or links will be credited within their respective place in a blog or comment.
Please use the Contact page, should you object to the publication of any images or content on this blog. 
I will be happy to address them as quickly as possible.

Changes may be made to this disclaimer / policy without notice and at the discretion of Leila Goreil, writer and creator of Simply Books.

Updated May 2018.