May 23, 2018

Jennifer Robson Author Talk Event & Review

This month I had a wonderful opportunity to see one of my favourite Canadian authors, Jennifer Robson at my local library.

Getting another chance to listen and chat with Jennifer was a real treat and to do so at my local library was an added bonus! We were called her "super fans" at the reading and had our picture shared in the library's e-newsletter.

My coworker and I (see image below), really enjoy Jennifer's books and we had previously met her at the Word on the Street Festival in Toronto a few years ago. 

Me (left), with Jennifer Robson (middle) and my coworker, Lorene at the Author Reads event.

Finding Jennifer Robson and her books was a desperate attempt on my part to keep my love for Downton Abbey alive after I binged on the show. I was searching high and low for any media - books, movies, tv shows, everything! Just to keep the love for WWI Britain and my anglophile love alight.
The book that started it all.

At a trip to Costco, (I love their book selection and prices), I found a copy of Jennifer Robson's Somewhere in France (The Great War #1). I quickly grabbed a copy and read it immediately. 

The book was everything that I was looking for! It combined the aristocratic British class and the Great War and the romance that I craved - the perfect post Downton Abbey crave filler.

This book launched my love for the historical fiction genre and now I'll find books that take place in WWI and WWII as instant must-reads. 

Some authors similar to Jennifer Robson that I enjoy are Pam Jenoff, Karen White, Santa Montefiore, Lucy Sanna and more! Check out Goodreads for full lists and suggestions - you won't be disappointed!

While at our library for the seasonal Author Talk event, Jennifer Robson touched on her recent book, Goodnight from London which was her first book that was set during WWII. 

Goodnight from London by Jennifer Robson

Goodnight from London centers around Ruby who is an American reporter sent to Europe to cover the stories of the war. Ruby finds love, loss and a strength inside herself that she didn't know she had.

Jennifer writes with amazing detail. Everything from the comfort of the train seat, to the rations provided each week and even down to understanding the currency at that time. Her attention to detail and academic background lend a hand in her writing and her words are transporting.

Whenever I read a Jennifer Robson novel I am immediately sucked into the pages and I feel like I am right there too. Not many authors can do that.

Jennifer Robson also touched on her next book release, The Gown: A Novel. 

As told by Jennifer, The Gown follows two women who are a part of the team who is creating Queen Elizabeth II wedding dress. What an awesome concept!

Jennifer actually went to London to the atelier who originally hosted the seamstresses who embroidered and sewed Queen Elizabeth II actual wedding dress and even created a beautiful motif, similar to the original motifs on Queen Elizabeth II wedding veil, just so she could gain an understanding of the time and effort that went into the hand embroidered masterpieces. Now that's dedication! 

The expected date of publication for The Gown: A Novel is January 8, 2019 and I am counting down the days!

My local library is hosting another Author Talk event in June 14 for Heather Tucker who will be speaking about her debut novel, The Clay Girl. I have never heard of this book, but after reading the synopsis, I'm excited to try it.

Images courtesy of and the Collingwood Public Library.

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